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Healthy Aging!

I believe aging is a physiologic part of life, just like the transformation from childhood to adolescence is. In my view Anti-aging ideas despite being fascinating, may not be as realistic as a healthy aging.  Therefore, I do believe healthy aging is a real thing that we do not need to fight against, just in the contrary of anti-aging efforts which are endless, futile battles for everyone. So, what we need is building a plan for going through aging gracefully and healthy. The only question might be "when is the best time to start to get the optimum result? The answer is NOW! My objectives in my practice of naturopathy is helping you achieve your health goals at any age and stay younger for a longer period of time. You keep healthy so that down the road you experience a healthy aging which means living happier- longer with less complications.

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What Is Aging?

Aging is a process which is accompanied by an array of changes in the human body.  Despite being unstoppable, there are many ways that you can help yourself and reduce the impact of the aging process, keep yourself  healthier and feel happier. These changes are part of normal wear and tear process and may not necessarily be in favour of a disease or a health problem. They only shows that your body went through a life and it's exertions. Keeping healthy and staying in a top shape is an excellent way of living life. However, even in that superb living condition, wear and tear is inevitable. As I always say, knowledge is the key. Having some knowledge and expecting these bodily changes will keep you prepared mentally to be familiar with common symptoms and conditions to watch out for. In this case, you are alert enough to take the steps to prevent them or treat them sooner when they happen. 


What Changes to Expect In Your Body As You Age?


Skin: Your skin being exposed to all external agents, shows the signs of aging earlier, and in turn is one of the easiest parts of the aging process to help and prevent. Gradually your skin loses its elasticity and volume. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines will start to appear. By changing in collagen content, your skin becomes thinner and more fragile, which make it prone to easy bruise. Not to mention that sun damage and appearance of sunspots are very common during process of aging. Therefore, taking care of skin should be started years before aging process shows itself. There are many skin care treatments and products in the market which help reduce speed of aging process on the skin and postpone the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Musculoskeletal tissue: As you age, your bones lose their density due to the changes in calcium and vitamin D absorption, production and metabolism. These elements give bone it's strength. The absorption capacity of your gut declines. Therefore, you receive less calcium from foods you eat, and as a result bone and joints become weak. Your bones and spines may shrink in size making them more susceptible to injuries and fractures happens very easily due to minor trauma and falling. Your muscles begin to lose their mass and consistency that leads to becoming weaker while your joints suffer from age related wear and tear causing pain and inflammation. 


Build of Body: Inevitable changes in bone density and supporting ligaments in addition to loss of consistency of muscles from one side and redistribution of fat from other side contribute to a change in the shape and build of your body.  Body stature may become shorter because of reduction of height of spine and the curvature of the back may be altered as well. Continued muscle loss and a slower metabolism help in increased fat redistribution leading to fat accumulation in abdominal and buttocks area of your body. Maintaining an ideal body weight will also become even more difficult. 


Immunity: Declining in the function of your bodily immune system and lower immunity level due to aging, makes you more susceptible to infections and other immunity related diseases. Efficacy and number of the white blood cells that are the first line of defense against diseases  declines in the process of aging mauke you vulnerable against diseases.


Hearing: Changes in the ear structure from external canal to internal small bones in addition to changes in nerves of hearing contribute to age-related hearing decline and even loss. Higher frequencies will become harder to hear. 


Vision: As we age, The globe become smaller, the lenses inside of your eyes gradually lose their shape and elasticity in addition to becoming opaque, resulting in vision problems. The tear glands shrink and your eyes start feeling dryness as it lose the ability to produce adequate amount of tears. That is the reason you feel that your eyes have constant irritating symptoms of dry eye. You need to visit your optometrist more frequently as you get older  to prevent those changes that are preventable and detect age related eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataract at their early stages. 


Memory: you may experience mild and minor memory problems with age which do not always lead to dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Minor gaps in memory such as forgetting where you left an object may happen which are a normal part of aging.   


We all see our hair are graying even some see it in their early thirties or we see the wrinkles are coming. However, it is important to look after other changes that affect your health that is part of inevitable aging process. It is an excellent idea to visit your naturopathic Doctor regularly to help ensure that certain health problems are not advancing on you. Includes your dentist and eye doctor in the circle as well.

Healthy Aging! How to?!

We are generous to spend time and energy on everything, but when it comes to our health, we frequently seek a quick fix, minimum investment at no effort and commitment. However, the quick fix isn't always the greatest choice, no effort and commitment are aim to failure and investment in your health is priceless! So, if you are dedicated enough to spend time, effort and invest in your healthy aging and your happier future, natural health is for you.

Recently I had a constructive discussion with my financial advisor. He happened to be ideally healthy for his age of 68. Being member of general public, his emphasis on natural health as the future of caring for health and his firm advocacy for addressing healthy aging instead of anti-aging was fascinating to me.


Honestly, I do 100% agree with him that anti-aging cannot be a real goal. I believe aging is a physiologic part of your life, just as the transformation from childhood to adolescence is. I do believe healthy aging is a real thing. What we need is going through aging gracefully to feel healthy.


My objectives in practicing naturopathy is helping you experience a healthy aging and live happier & longer.

How to help healthy aging happen?

This is my strategy:

  1. Finding predisposing factors in your life for early aging.

  2. Develop strategies to eliminate or substitute predisposing factors to your early aging.

  3. Develop strategies to prevent early onset age-associated conditions.

  4. Overturning the health concerns that are causes, signs or results of aging.

  5. Ultimately help you achieve your goals of healthy aging that make you feel happier while living longer.


How healthy aging strategy works?


This is a stepwise health plan.

The first step is a hormone test. Life on the go has a physiologic outcome, overproduction of stress hormones. The prolonged effect of the stress hormones has many adverse effects on your body. The earliest effect is an early imbalance in your sex hormones which are responsible for congruent function of every organ system in your body. As this maladaptation happens very gradually, the signs are subtle, and you only notice them later when the changes become irreversible. This explains why the functional and hormonal tests are invaluable to be done early in your journey for a healthy aging strategy making. 

In case of hormonal imbalance, we will work together to restore your hormonal balance and to bring them back to your physiologic age and keeping it at a healthier level for a longer period of time. Therefore, starting early in your life to plan for healthy aging gives you more ground to play and saves you from early signs of aging.

Another step to take is exploring presence of environmental factors in your life. They are present in your home, your food, and whatever you take, or you have contact with and are affecting your health under your radar. They include but not limited to toxins, molds, microbes, pollutants, xenobiotics, and the list goes on and on.  This calls for testing and evaluating your body’s biomarkers and your body's functional need for macro and micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other select nutrients to keep you healthier longer. Adjusting them has immediate and long-term positive effects.

Recently I had a 44 years old male patient who came for health improvement, weight adjustment and if possible starting a strategy for healthy aging. During our initial intake he mentioned briefly long-lasting snore which after all, he is living with. While we were adjusting the excess in his biomarkers I found in his test, in his next visit his wife who was accompanied him this time, was thankful for his noticeable snoring reduction during night which was worrying her! Obviously, it was a side benefit!

There are many other tests such as genetics evaluation, inflammation tests, and many others to look in case of need. However, when it comes to aging, the strategy should be personalized related to special journey that the individual had in their life. From amount of water you drink per day to your sleep habits and exercise level there are points to pickup and work on.

My best recommendation for you is to click the button, fill the form and submit it. I’ll review your inquiry and get back to you to let you know if I thought you would benefit from my service. Or you can book a 15-minute discovery consult ($35) to find out if we are a good fit for you.

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