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Functional Lab Test

We offer Advanced medical functional laboratory testing to help better understand your specific condition or screen for your optimum health. These comprehensive Lab tests are great tools in addition to your history and physical to help determine what further steps to take to make a positive impact on your overall health.

Food Sensitivity Test

A food sensitivity test is an IgG immune reactions to foods which happens slowly with a latent presentation. The symptoms originates from a chronic inflammatory conditions due to sensitivity and has variable presentation from ezema to fatigue, joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Read about tests.

Hormone Test

Hormones are your messenger system that orchestrate the physiologically seamless and harmonized function of your body as a whole. The synchronized interaction of hormones is crucial for your daily life and determines the level of your success in life. We measure hormones in saliva, or dried urine. 

Digestive tract test

Stool testing is an invaluable, non-invasive test to  closly understand the health status of your bowels. It gives you a chance to assess the digestive function of your lower GI system, the presence of parasites, yeast, pathogenic microbes, and analyse the composition and status of your gut microbiome. Hydrogen breath test  and serum zonulin test are other tools to identify the root cause of IBS, SIBo and other GI issues. Read about tests.

Weight Management Profile Test

Weight management profile test looks at the relation of hormones, stress, diet and healthy metabolism. imbalance in Estrogen/progesterone & Testosterone/DHEA ratio induce weight gain in hips & thighs and decreases lean muscle . Vit D deficiency leads to insulin resistance, diabetes, visceral fat deposition, and abdominal obesity.

Read about test

Hair mineral & heavy metal Analysis

Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal test is a valuable tool to determine the mineral content of body tissues,  toxic metal exposure and the actual deposition of elements in tissue over an average of a 3 month period.. Hair analysis may show the levels of nutritional minerals and toxic elements contained in body tissues. Read about test.

Sleep Balance Hormones Profile

Cortisol and melatonin function in a balance based on your circadian rhythm. Cortisol peaks in the morning to wake you up and give you alertness, and melatonin peaks at night to help you fall asleep. Circadian imbalances from imbalanced cortisol and melatonin can lead to daytime sleepiness and brain processing issues such as decreased alertness and problems with memory and decision-making. Read more.

Consult with our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Manesh, ND to better determine which test is right for your condition. We are here to help. Then, she will review the results and discuss the treatment options to tackle the root cause of your problem.

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