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Lifelabs Naturopathic Tests

We provide medical laboratory testing to help better diagnose your specific condition or screen for your optimum health. These Lab tests are great tools in addition to your history and physical to help determine what further steps to take to make an impact on your overall health. 


General Blood Work: CBC, diff, , Iron panel, Ferritin, B12 lipid panel and other comprehensive lab tests can be requested by Dr Manesh ND through LifeLabs of Ontario.

Fatigue Panel: If you are suffering from signs and symptoms of fatigue Dr Manesh ND can help identify the root cause of your fatigue by requesting a serum fatigue panel.

The Healthy Living Assessment and Enhanced Living Assessment are comprehensive panels of blood tests that provide insight into multiple organ systems such as liver, kidney, heart,  blood, electrolyte and metabolic health.

Female Hormone Panel: The Female Hormone Panel is recommended when hormone imbalance is suspected or when the you are suffering from weight loss resistance, chronic fatigue, or mood disorders.

Fertility Panel: The Female Fertility Panel provides insight into the most common hormone abnormalities that can affect fertility including elevated prolactin,  progesterone insufficiency, low testosterone in men, thyroid dysfunction, and polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS).

The Men’s Health provides insight via the biomarkers most relevant to men’s health. The Men’s Health may be recommended for cardiac health, prostate screening or when androgens are low, estrogens are high or when signs and symptoms related to sexual or cardiac health are noted.

Autoimmune Panel provides insight into an array of different specific antibody diseases. Early recognition of these diseases and addressing them has a huge impact on overall health of an individual. This specific antibodies might be present in serum years before you become symptomatic and get a diagnosis of auto-immune disease.

Liver/Digestion Panel provides insight into liver and gallbladder function. A broad range of liver enzymes are tested.  Measurement of multiple markers may help determine causes of dysfunction.

To book an appointment to run a Functional Lab Test, Call us at 416-249-4567 or email us at or Click on Book online at the top of this page.

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