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Transformation Workshops

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Transformation workshops are goal oriented, time bounded health improvement programs, guided by a board-certified health practitioner. The goal is you learn how to... For instance how to reach from maldigestion to a glad eater, from sleeplessness to a glad sleeper and from LDL to HDL (lower your cholesterol) and etc.

In the field of health and wellness, there is never a dull moment. New products, services, initiatives, and trends emerge on a regular basis, altering your style of living. The industry is always changing and expanding, and it is fascinating to see where this will go next. The rise of health coaches is one of the best recent trends in the profession.

Learn, Implement, Improve, Inspire!

Health coaching is an exciting industry that continues to evolve and grow. As the industry grows and evolves, so are the ways in which I can serve you and assist you in transforming your health for better. This is an opportunity for me to better serve you, but it also opens up an opportunity for you to learn how to be in control of your own health.

I want to teach you how to take charge of your health so you can live life to the fullest. I want to help you in living the healthiest life possible, regardless of where you’re  in you journey. I’m here to help you reach your health objectives— whatever they may be. I’m looking forward to being a part of your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. I’m here to assist you achieve your health goals — whatever they may be.

Transformational Workshops


Longevity Naturopathy’s Roadmap       Signing Up             $1978.00

PCOS: Know Your PCOS                      Signing Up             $425.00

Holistic Acne Solution Webinar             Signing Up             $149.99

Beat Your High Cholesterol                    Past                        $XXX.00
Bio-hack Diabetes                                    Past                        $XXX.00
The Glad Eaters                                         Past                        $XXX.00
The Glad Sleepers                                     Past                        $XXX.00

Wheel Of Wellness                                   Past                        $XXX.00
Craving Control Naturally                       Past                        $XXX.00
Design Your Joyful Life                            Past                        $XXX.00
Holistic IBS transformation                    Past                        $XXX.00


  • Prices are Subject  to change

  • Prices are per attendee.

  • Course starts with minimum of 6 attendees. 

  • a group of 5  sign up will receive 5% discount.

  • A group of 10 sign up will receive 10% discount.

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