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Natural Hormonal Health

Your natural hormonal health & balance is vital to your overall wellbeing. Hormones are biochemical molecules with multiple functions in your body. You can simply think of them as the messengers that communicate and regulate different tasks in your body. They are very neatly inter-related and work congruently to make a precise network named “Endocrine System”. This meticulous inter-relation explains why the dysregulation of only one hormone affects whole the system.

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How naturopathy helps with hormonal health?

You might be familiar with name of some of the hormones like insulin secreted from pancreas, thyroid hormone from thyroid, estrogen, progesterone from ovaries , testosterone from testis, cortisol from adrenal and many more. Just to make it more complicated, there are other master hormones and their roles are even more exciting and complicated that influence every aspect of your life, including your diurnal variation and your overall behaviour.

Deficiency or excess of each of these hormones have organ specific signs and symptoms in addition to whole the endocrine system dysregulation signs.

These are few examples of signs and symptoms due to hormonal dysregulations:

Thyroid hormonal issues: Silent Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis,  changes in weight changes, appetite, mood, memory, skin moist and texture, , hair loss, change in  libido, change in period duration, amount and quality, sleep and changes in voice, goitres, thyroid nodules, Grave's Disease, Hashimoto's

Adrenal hormones excess/deficiency: fatigue, low concentration, brain fog, change in libido, hypertension/hypotension, skin discoloration, insomnia and trouble sleeping, anxiety, difficulty losing weight, low stamina

Insulin deficiency/excess (Resistance): Diabetes, weight gain, vision problem, nerve damage, diabetic foot, sugar craving, increased urination, dry mouth.

Estrogen Excess/ Deficiency: PMS, weight gain and sweet cravings, irregularity in period, heavy or low flow, hair loss, dry skin, hot flashes, unstable mood, memory problem, low libido, palpitations, sleep problems, vaginal dryness

Androgen deficiency/excess: erectile dysfunction, mood fluctuation, muscle loss, bone loss and early osteoporosis, hirsutism/hair loss, weight problem, acne, irregular period, weight problem, fatigue

How naturopathy can help with hormonal health?

My strategy to help with hormonal irregularities’ is holistic, including but not limited to:

  1. Identifying the root cause/s of your sign and symptom.

  2. Hormonal tests and inflammation assessment to find out where to start.

  3. Functional tests and assessment for deficiency or excess in vitamins, macro /micronutrients, minerals and modulating them accordingly.

  4. Adjusting lifestyle and exercise prescription

  5. Diet and nutrition modulation to improve energy and feeling of wellbeing.


There are many more steps to take and these are only common examples of the tactics that I may consider in my strategy to help you out. Our final strategy for you may come out absolutely different, because the naturopathic approach to hormonal health is as diverse as the patients are. My strategy is tailored for you as a unique individual.  

My best recommendation for you is to click the button above, fill the form and submit it. I’ll review your inquiry and get back to you to let you know if I thought you would benefit from my service. Or you can book a 15-minute discovery consult ($35) to find out if we are a good fit for you.

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