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Visit & Pricing

We currently offer In-Person visit, and Virtual Consultations (Phone or Video). To book an appointment or inquire about the price  please contact us at 416-249-4567or email us at or book online by clicking on the blue botton.

Thank you for your interest in the naturopathic services provided by Dr Manesh ND. Please note that most of our services are covered by your extended insurance health plans. Please check with your insurance provider for your coverage..

Visit and Prices For Services Provided at Our Clinic

We currently offer In-Person visit, Virtual Consultations (Phone or Video). To book an appointment please contact us at 416-249-4567or email us at or book online by clicking the blue botton (book an appointment). The blue botton takes you to our EMR secure app "Janeapp". Jane app is a secure electronic medical record system that we trust.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to change or reschedule your appointment, inform us at least 48 hours in advance to avoid any last-minute cancellation charges. The charge for last minute appointment cancellation is the full cost of that visit.

Initial Visit:

Office Visit, Phone or Video

60 min - $275 - 

 First visit is the initial consultation. It is 1 hour or 60 min (extendable to 90 min ), which includes a comprehensive symptom intake, Personal health history, Habits, Family health history, Lifestyle assessment and the bottom line get to know you as a person with a focus on your concern/s. Healthier lifestyle advice maybe given at this visit. It is preferably virtual only on video because it is only conversational.

Follow-up Visit:
(Office visit / Phone or Video)

30 min - $115

45 min - $155

60 min - $195

In this visit we discuss your lab results, a natural treatment plan comprised of healthy lifestyle modifications and natural remedies and necessary supplements in case of need. Sometimes in rare cases, this visit can be combined with the second visit. The fee does not include the cost of remedies/supplements if you choose to purchase them at the clinic.

Acute Visit

 Initial  acute visit    30 min - $140.00
Follow-up visit         15 min - $75.00

Call / Video

 Brief Review            15 min - $45.00

of main concerns

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Initial Session:                                                                75 min - $295
Follow Up Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Session: 45 min - $195


The Initial Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Session includes a TCM consultation and 45 -60 minutes of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture and Facial Massage or Gua Sha with specific anti-aging serums by the naturopathic doctor (Traditional Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis included).

Well-Woman Visits

For existing patients:                   45 min    $175  
For new patients:                         60 min    $245
Result consultation (phone:)     10 min     $35
(to discuss the findings and make any referrals as necessary.)

Acupuncture Session

Includes symptom intake, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis and a session of acupuncture with a heat lamp and aromatherapy in a relaxing and calm environment.

Initial Acupuncture Session:          60 min - $185
Follow Up Acupuncture Session: 30 min - $90



As the workshops are dynamic everchanging courses, the prices vary. You can always call us to inquire about updated information.

Reprint/ Recreate Of Lost / Misplaced Invoice:  $10 per page

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