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Naturopathic Approach


It is a holistic perspective to your health through a bidirectional approach, “Inside out, Outside in”!

Naturopathy is a system of primary health care that works with you to support what your body already has and optimize what you can achieve. It is a personalized, holistic approach which look at you in your context of your life and considers all body organs as a total of interconnected working system not summation of the parts. Naturopathic medicine uses evidence-based natural treatments to address your concerns targeting the root-cause of your problem/s. Therefore, the result will be alleviating the symptoms through achieving a sustainable health and wellness.

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NOTE: If you have an emergency condition, or need immediate attention, call 9-1-1, or go to a hospital for emergency care. Naturopathic practice is a stepwise protocol that takes time to implement and is not a rapid fix for any symptom. We address your chronic symptoms from within, to firstly find the root causes and then treat them. Therefore, it takes time.


Naturopathic medicine practice has a stepwise approach.

Step 1

Upon booking you are required to “Complete” the comprehensive naturopathic intake form. It gives us lots of information that we need to learn your unique condition and the contributing lifestyle factors in addition to different body organs involved in your current presentation.

Step 2

First appointment. We review and complete the intake, answer questions you may have, order lab work if applicable.

Step 3

Second appointment happens non mandatory physical exam. This is where your  naturopathic doctor after finishing your thorough medical physical exam will set your treatment plan and strategy with you.

Step 4

From this step you will work with your naturopathic doctor to implement your customized naturopathic strategy, which involves empowering you by coaching you, monitoring parameters, re-assessments, and adjusting the plan based on your capacity. The frequency of further meetings will be agreed in each session between you and your naturopathic doctor.

What Modalities does a Naturopathic Doctor use?

LAB TESTING AND ASSESSMENTS: Blood, Urine, Saliva, Stool, Skin, Hair; Evaluate elements, nutrients, inflammation, hormones, food sensitivities, hair analysis and more!

FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION AND DIET: nutrient deficiencies/excess, dietary recommendations, hydration advice

SUPPLEMENTS RECOMMENDATION & CONSULTATION: vitamins and minerals, nutraceuticals, antioxidants, probiotics, and more!

HERBAL MEDICINE: therapeutic dose herbs/botanicals in the form of powders, teas, tinctures and even topicals as a salve

LIFESTYLE OPTIMIZATION: stress management techniques, sleep hygiene, self talk and relaxation techniques.

ACUPUNCTURE: TCM and Eastern medicine philosophy combined with Western perspective on diseases.

SPECIFIC TO SCALP & FACE TREATMENT: cosmetic acupuncture, cupping, Gua Sha, naturopathic Head & Face massage.


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