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Medicine of Tomorrow!

Free of Pain, Free of Fear
Full of Hope!
Energetic You!

I Can Help You With:

Women's Health 

Are you a busy woman who has too much pain, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, depression, low energy, constipation, change in appetite before your period? Is it PMS? Are you a successful  women playing a vital role at your work with lots of responsibilities in home, but have mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, restlessness , and no matter how tired you are, you cannot sleep smoothly? Is it "normal" phase of Perimenopause? Are you a woman with irregular periods or no periods at all, thinning hair and hair loss from your head and growing excessive hair on the face or your chin, gain weight and have oily skin or acne, having difficulty getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or no ovulation)? Is it  PCOS? Are you a young woman not being able to conceive, diagnosed with Infertility and on your way for IVF?  Are you gaining weight no matter how much you try to lose weigh? have you been diagnosed with Hormonal imbalance or metabolic syndrome or both?


Ashley a healthy looking 48-year-old lady, is seeking advice for healthy aging. She looks younger than her age but has concerns around her digestion, recent onset eczema and thinning hair. Wants to know how to prevent deepening of the wrinkles on her face and if diet can help prevent osteoporosis or maybe supplements help. She hope we can assist her lose few extra pounds as the wedding of her son is approaching.

Do you feel low energy, feel tired and  sleepy all the time, weak muscles, difficulty losing weight, constipation or diarrhea, depressed mood, sensitive to cold, exhausted quickly, low libido, irregular period, infertility, dry skin, puffy appearance, hair thinning and eventually loss on head and unwanted hair growth on face and body, difficulty controlling your cholesterol level? have you diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis or other kinds of hormonal imbalance, ?  If it sounds like you, reach out! I can help!

Do you feel frustrated all the time, feel bloated after even tiny food, have heart burn, feel burning in throat after meal, feel  hungry all the time, have unexplained skin eruptions or joint pain for no reason, you skip going out with friends because of urge of defecation after meal, or feel ashamed of the gargling sound of tummy,  feel your bad breath is keeping you behind from reaching your goals,  feel sluggish due to constipation, feel tired and sleepy after any size of meal and really don’t know what to eat that doesn’t have reaction on you? This is the scary one!! Do you have a fear that what if these are a sign of hidden cancer ??Don’t fight alone! I can help!


Does the acne on your face lessen your self esteem? Are you suffering from itchy dry skin? Are you living in air pollution or environmental microbes & molds? Is your unhealthy gut and nutritional imbalance make your skin look the way it is? Is there an underlying inflammation  affecting your skin? Why your skin breaks out with a tiny stress? If these questions speak to you, Reach out! I can help!

Are you sick of attending all kinds of appointments and trying all kinds of diet plans, only to get short-term weight loss or worse, gain weight again? Are you told that your slow metabolism is the reason for your weight gain? Are you concerned that your overweight might be due to insulin resistance and your increased waistline ends up to diabetes type 2, heart disease and even stroke? Reach out!  I am here to help!

Meet Amelia

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Meet Dr. MS Manesh, ND

I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Member in good standing with College of Naturopaths of Ontario, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

I believe Integrative medical practice​, AKA "Functional Medicine" is the "Medicine of Tomorrow". And I just do that!

It is all about you! My 3 decades of experience practicning medicine and these years of practicing naturopathy will help you get your joyful health back! free of pain, free of weakness, free of fear and  the joy of having capacity for.. .

If you’re looking for support for the following issues, I can help!

Digestive Health: Bloating, Constipation, Food sensitivity, GERD...
Low Energy: burnout, deficiencies, joint pain…
Skin Health: Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Dry skin...
Hormone Health: Thyroid, Hashimoto, periods, PCOS, Menopause…

Mental health: Stress, Anxiety, Sleep ..


If you believe that, people who feel good, do good, You are in the right place! I can help you feel better, live healthier, happier and longer. Get in touch! Come and sit, talk, and relax inside of our mature environment. Or stay virtual! Choice is yours!



Your Health Starts Here

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Toronto, ON, M9N 1K6


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Sunday                             Closed

Late cancellation, Reschedule, No-show, 

Late cancellation or no-show makes a hole in our calendar. It deprives other patients who are in need of our excellent care and hurts the business as well. Therefore, for Cancellation, we need you to contact 48 hours in advance. Late Cancelatation or no-show costs you total price of the missed session. Please feel free to contact us to reschedule. However, to Reschedule, we need a 48 hours notice in advance. Late reschedule notice costs you $50 extra charge on your next session. 

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