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Your Wheel of Wellness Goals!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Your Wheel of Wellness Goals
Your Wheel of Wellness Goals

The wheel of wellness is a fun visual tool that helps you to imagine your wellness as a wheel comprised of pie shape particles that if the particles work in harmony the wheel moves smoothly. Otherwise, you need to move on a flat tire! Makes it difficult to steer straight! Makes the ride bumpy and wobbly, even it causes you not to reach your destination. Working with this imaginary wheel is fun but educating. It helps you explore which pie need to be fixed or replaced that the whole tire moves without difficulty. Keep in mind that each pie piece is a dimension of your life which are so deeply interconnected. The balance between these pies is the secrete path to your wellness. imbalance in one area of the wellness wheel might restrict you from reaching destination which is your wellbeing.

Your Wheel of Wellness Goals
Your Wheel of Wellness Goals

How do you define wellness?

Wellness is a dynamic and constant effort of attaining an optimum health. Wellness wheel is a joyful tool to help you stay aware of your present condition. In addition to learn effective self-assessment, you practice making healthier choice towards healthier lifestyle.

multiple picture for defining wellness.
How to define wellness?

What is a Wellness Wheel Used For?

The wellness wheel is a fun instrument for you to practice how to support the balance which is the key to your wellbeing.

At the beginning the wheel had six dimensional categories, now has 7 and sometimes 8 categories. However, it is not written on stone and according to the purpose you may add or remove components. The key is the balance. Nowadays, the dimensions on the wellness wheel include physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social, and occupational wellness. These are separate dimensions although so much interconnected that only if they work congruently, your life stays balanced.

We use the wheel of wellness to set different health goals on the context of smooth rolling of the wellness wheel. This is your cool playing tool to attain greater goals of your health and wellness.

happy cartoon reached its goal by using wellness wheel.
Wellness Wheel is a cool playing tool to attain greater goals of your health and wellness

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