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Healthier Lifestyle, More Beatiful Skin!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

A woman with a naturally beautiful and healthy skin  eating apple
Naturopathic healthy skin care

How your lifestyle affects your skin

Having a beautiful and healthy skin feels good. It gives you self confidence and sense of happiness. Stressful jobs, lack of sleep and lots of task in your plate may lead to lack of time or even desire for taking care of your skin the way that you need to. But the good news is that there are few lifestyle changes that you can easily apply to your busy life and bring livelihood to your skin and make it glow again.

1- Drink plenty of water during the day.

This is the simplest measure that you can easily apply to your daily routine. The minimum amount of water differs from one person to the other. Even in one person the level of your activity and the type of your job are factors that can change your need of water. Next time ask your naturopathic doctor about your optimum need for daily water intake. Any way, drinking enough water hydrates your skin and can greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.

That’s totally fine if you prefer adding some taste to your water. In this case, adding few drops of fresh lemon juice to water in addition to making it easier to drink, may help with your digestion and liver function as well. Options for adding desired taste are endless. You can add slices of cucumber, or strawberries or even your favorite fruit. After all, the enjoyment boosts your desire to drink.

a group of people are running to get naturally healthy.
Physical activity is a healthy life style!

2- Do work-out to sweat.

Exercise improves your circulation, which mean blood can bring more oxygen to your different tissue including your skin and take the toxins out of the skin by sweating and return of blood back for elimination of toxins. Not to mention that exercise helps you to reduce weight as well. It is recommended that you have 150 minutes of workout of your choice during the week. These activities can be walking, jogging, dancing, and aerobic exercises. You will see the effect from the first day!

3- Avoid refined sugar and sugary food.

Refined sugar, cookies, candies, sweeteners, sweetened juice, carbonated beverages are examples of sugary foods. There is a good relationship between early aging and the amount of sugar you eat. Sugar can easily crosslink between the collagen fibers and make them fragile, no matter where they are, whether in your skin or your join or the wall of your vessels. The result is non-functional collagen everywhere. However, you see this undesirable effect very easily by early appearance of fine wrinkles and thinned fragile skin.

fresh colorful fruits.
Fresh & colorful fruit are important for healthy skin.

4- Eat colorful whole food.

The glow of your skin comes from inside of your body. Include 3-5 serving of fresh vegetables and colorful fruit in your daily eating routine. These full of color vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals. In addition, their anti oxidant function helps support your body and your skin from external damage of free radicals. Another good reason for including vegetables and fruit in your diet is they not only contain water, but also, they preserve the water in your body and help to keep you hydrated.

5- Sleep well to have glowing skin.

Enough sleep is crucial to your overall health and particularly it affects the health and appearance of your skin. Stressful life and overthinking may affect your sleep pattern. However, arranging sleep routines and rituals may help you relax and fall sleep easier. Refreshing sleep improve your overall health, helps with better thinking, and enhance the appearance of your skin.

6- Stop smoking improve appearance of your skin.

There are many factors in smoking in addition to nicotine that affect your skin which leads to premature aging of skin of your face and your body overall. Nicotine by itself is a Vaso-constrictor which narrows the vessels responsible to bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Therefore, the minimum side effect of smoking is starvation of your skin from food and oxygen. The result is wrinkled, thin and pigmented ageing skin.

Taking care of skin should start from early age and teaching younger population about healthy lifestyle keeps them younger inside out. It is never late to start learning about wellness and improving your lifestyle. You may feel the improvement immediately, but the enhanced appearance of the skin may be noticeable gradually.

Natural medicine is a good place to learn how to start your individualized healthier lifestyle journey. You can contact us to find out if we are a good match to help with your skin issue.

What will happen when you come for a visit?

The first visit that we call history taking can be in person or virtual (phone or video). During 1 – 1 ½ hours visit, we firstly go over your health concerns one by one and then we take a thorough history from all your organ systems to get a holistic understanding of your condition.

In the second visit which is 30-40 minutes visit we do a complete whole body physical examination. Either in first visit or in the second visit we will provide a lab requisition to you.

In your third visit which is usually few days after receiving your lab exam we review the result of lab exam and setup a treatment plan for you.

In each of your subsequent visit, we review what food you are taking, how much, and when you eat. I believe knowledge is the key and during our multiple sessions together, you will learn how your lifestyle impacts your health and well-being and how to improve your habits to help with your physical and mental health, your night sleep, your ability to think and learn, and your performance in school or at work.

The lab exam and blood draw are done by a lab technician in a life labs center of your choice. However, there is a Lifelabs medical laboratory at 2050 Weston Road, conveniently walking distance to my clinic.

To book your initial appointment you can call at 416-249-4567 or send an email to

* Disclaimer: The information in this article is property of Dr. Masoumeh Shayesteh Manesh, Naturopathic Doctor and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or promote any products or services mentioned on this article or website.

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