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Essential oils have been used for to promote relaxation and improve feeling of pleasure for ages. Essential oils can induce feeling of eroticism that gives you feeling of being sexy. Both applying and inhaling works for this purpose as they enhance your feeling of pleasure in intimacy.




Clary Sage:(Salvia Officinalis): Calm & Relax the mind and body, Alleviate muscle tension and help with reducing cramp, Support restful night sleep and improve sexual energy and boost libido.

Ylang Ylang: reduced anxiety and boosted self-esteem, beneficit mood, memory and thinking skills. By its aphrodisiac power boost libido.

Carrier oil: Grapeseed oil: containing vit E and proanthocyanidin, has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory property.

Not for oral, internal use!

External / topical use Only!

Keep out of on face or around nose and mouth of younger children!

Use it as directed by your health care practitioner!



Sexual Energy

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