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Daily self-care ritual trains your mind and body to  focus and recharge during the stressful situations. Set a non-negotiable self-care time for yourself. Start with a few minutes everyday. it is the  pause time in your daily life to escape from the stress. Do whatever makes you happy and be consistent on doing it. Adding an essential oil to this ritual helps improve the outcome and invigorate your focus.




Wild Orange (Citrus Reticularis): Energize and Uplift the mind and body, Stimulate the body system

Ylang Ylang: Reduced anxiety and boosted self-esteem, Benefit mood, memory and thinking skills.

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita): Invigorate senses, so Promotes sense of energy, Improve oxygen passage, cooling effect on skin to help focus and revitalize.

Carrier oil: MCT (Fractionated 100% Coconut Oil). As it penetrates easily into the skin, it acts as an excellent carrier for transdermal therapeutic constituents.


Not for oral, internal use!

External / topical use Only!

Do not use on face or around nose and mouth of younger children!

Use it as directed by your health care practitioner!

Focus and Motivation

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