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Community Support

Dr. Manesh ND Natural Medicine  Clinic's main priority is to support the community in the effort to build a healthier and stronger community. 

Our mission is to inspire individuals into becoming whole with themselves, as we know that when people feel good,  do good.

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 We believe in humane touch, when touch means being present physically and mentally to help another human being  in need. We believe that a good deed has a natural capacity to encourage others to do good too.

As part of our agenda, Dr. Manesh, ND Clinic has offered local communities a monthly pro bono health educational course dedicated to members of our community who struggle with health conditions and otherwise could not have the benefits of our natural treatments.  

Our goal is to give back to our communities each month. We recognize that we are lucky to be in the positions we are and have decided that we need to be doing what we can to help as many people as our hands reach.

Have a suggestion for a community or charity in need? Write to us 


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help. Let's connect.


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