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Why Annual Well-Woman Exam, Doing A Pap test & Annual physical Are Important?

Updated: May 4

A female Doctor holding hand of a female patient and happily talking in a Well-Woman Annual Visit
A female Doctor holding hand of a female patient and happily talking in a Well-Woman Annual Visit

Why Annual Well-Women Exams including Pap test and Annual physical Are Important for Women' Health and Wellbeing?

Annual visits with your Naturopathic doctor are one of the most important ways for you to receive preventative health screening and health preservation education at the same time. This annual Well-woman visit usually include Well-Woman Exam, Pap test , Annual physical, a breast exam, in addition to answering your questions. Multitasking, work responsibilities, school, running your home and family obligations, are all contributing factors to let you easily forget to attend your own essential health preservation needs particularly your annual preventative visits, especially when you are not feeling sick, you tend to postpone it and your precious health becomes secondary in value to your daily errands! Sometimes women feel as long as they can work, they do not have a reason to see their naturopath. But the bitter truth is, ignoring the fact that women have unique health needs which require regular preventative monitoring, leads to not attending their primary rights of living healthier for longer and do not try to prevent certain women's health concerns such as cervical cancer and breast cancer on a timely manner. Having a well-woman annual exam performed by your naturopathic doctor is an extremely important way to take action on caring for health of your reproductive system and your overall well being as well.

Why Is It So Important for Women to Get Screened Every Year?

Doing an annual exam and screening helps you to identify minor signs of diseases that are probably developing under your radar, and you can prevent from developing now. Besides, you can prevent worsening of the diseases that you already are dealing with. Therefore, screening tests are important for providing you insight about your current health condition, detects a health problem in advance, prevent from worsening the condition and may recommend ways to optimize health.

On the other hand, the importance of health screening for women is because they have special health needs based on their special anatomy that regular and continued preventative health monitoring simply makes sense. Not to mention that the health and continued wellbeing of women has a huge positive impact on the prosperity of the society they serve.

Dr holding hand of female patient while reading  her file
Dr holding hand of female patient while reading her file

How Annual Health Check-Up Help Women?

An annual female health check can be beneficial in detecting early symptoms of breast cancer, early stages of cervical cancer, heart disease, bone density problems, weight counselling, hormonal imbalance, metabolic and diabetes prevention, and the treatable early stages of other health conditions. Happy women, happy home!

What Does Annual Well-Woman Health Check Do for Women?

A well-woman exam is designed to address different female related health issues in addition to a woman’s general health such as weight, cardiovascular, metabolic, and nutritional preventative education. This preventative care will include a series of screenings to check for possible diseases such as breast and cervical cancer, sexual health tests to check for STIs and cardiovascular health and weight consultation. How Often Should a Woman Get Checked?

A well-woman exam should be performed once a year. Typically, a woman should begin yearly exams at age 21. There is no end age for seeking better health and wellbeing. Therefore, when it comes to health optimization and disease prevention, age is not a limitation.

What is Important in Women's Health?

A well-balanced diet, sufficient and relaxing sleep, regular exercise, and regular naturopathic visits are all fundamental for healthy living. However, there are an array of other factors that impact your overall health and well-being. Your heritage and genetics, your sex and gender, your socioeconomic status all play a role in your health and feeling of wellbeing.

Happy Healthy woman taking good care of herself!
Happy Healthy woman taking good care of herself!

Which Tests Should Be Done in Annual physical?

As a general rule, our naturopathic doctor recommends that you Check Your Blood Pressure, get a good detailed physical exam, do a basic blood work including Blood Sugar

and lipid profile and urine test for healthy living, a pap test during the time of your annual physical exam. These tests can provide a comprehensive insight into your current health status in addition to helping your naturopath to better educate you about the hidden concerns.

Why Is It Important For a Woman Doing a Pap Test ?

A Pap test, along with a pelvic exam, is an important part of your recommended annual preventative visit. It can help find abnormal cells that can lead to cervical cancer. By performing a pap smear test, your healthcare provider may find primary cancerous cells of the cervix early enough to be able to help you prevent from further progression to cervical cancer. If you are having regular Pap tests and pelvic exams, you are doing a great favor to yourself and giving your family a peace of mind. I liked the way that Everydayhealth explained it. The explanation looks practical and easy to understand. Anyway, helping women to stay healthier longer, leads to happier and better thriving society.

What Happens When You Come For an Annual Well-Woman Exam?

It is a 45 minutes visit that includes your vital signs and ablood pressure, a whole-body physical exam, breast exam, whole body lymph node exam, a pelvic exam, and a pap test. Rectal exam is not usually includd. However, in case of posotive history. you can discuss it with your naturopathic doctor. During the exam your naturopathic doctor explains whatever they find in you. You can ask your questions anytime during the session. At the end, you need to drop off the pap test specimen to a Life labs laboratory and you are all done for the year!

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